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2016 Training Sessions
5 July 2019
Dentist Bordeaux
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5 July 2019

2015 Training Sessions

Dentist Bordeaux



Odontia proposed, on site, two evenings of information allowing to exchange freely with fellow dentists on different subjects. We were able to take stock of the following topics :

  • Peri-implantitis : How to anticipate and manage these situations ?

(February 5, 2015)

  • Prosthetic Innovations : CAD / CAM Unitary Pillar with Medium Extended Bridge (April 9, 2015)

Subsequently, in collaboration with the Laboratoire du Sud Ouest, and on their premises, we realized a workshop on :

Impression taking in implant prosthesis :

  • The personalized unit footprint in the aesthetic sector,
  • The secure plural imprint.


We hold an annual scientific day, where a recognized and experienced Speaker discusses a particular theme.

We were able to listen and discuss with Dr. Laurent SERS (Cannes) on “Using Digital Workflow in in Implant Treatments ».


Dr. Pierre MARIN, as an intervenor and in collaboration with the Geistlich® Society, proposes a day each year, on site, of theoretical and practical training on “From Alveolar Preservation to Guided Bone Regeneration”. The goal of this day is to strengthen the therapeutic experience in this area.