Pre-implant examination

Our team will establish with you a general clinical and oral checkup. An X-ray and / or a cone-beam, will be necessary. A project of prosthetic treatment, surgical as well as a detailed estimate will be given to you after this examination.

Placement of the dental implant

The placement is performed under local anesthesia and when possible, a temporary tooth is put in place. The time of osseointegration may vary depending on each. On average, the placement of a dental crown occurs within three to six months.

Laying a dental crown on the implant

After checking the bone healing of the dental implant, this is the last step of the treatment. You can choose an all-ceramic crown, with a zirconia frame, biocompatible and aesthetic.

Pleasure found again

You can now fully enjoy your new tooth. All the essential functions are again present: the aesthetics of the smile, the masticatory function and the maintenance of facial features. A full bite takes on all its meaning again.