The Odontia team has computer-assisted surgical planning software within its structure. All surgeries undergo a digital pre-implant analysis to ensure implant placement safely.

When the indication arises and in particular in complex clinical cases, the implantation can be achieved through a surgical guide, to reduce the time of the intervention and limit postoperative consequences.

The use of guided surgery allows reliable, accurate and painless procedures.
The interventions are planned on computer, and a guide is manufactured in a laboratory to reproduce what has been defined previously.
Guided surgery interventions are fast, reliable and pain free. So depending on the case, we can put 6 dental implants. They are associated with so-called immediate loading techniques that make it possible to have teeth on dental implants during the day.

Advantages of computer-guided implantology :

it significantly reduces the time of surgery and the post-operative period (little edema and no pain)
If the stability of the dental implants is satisfactory, the patient can come out at the end of the procedure with a fixed and aesthetic temporary prosthesis
the implant project can be visually presented to the patient before the procedure, and the results are thus aesthetically predictable