Vigil sedation performed by an anesthesiologist

The principle of sedative sedation is to place the patient in such a state of somnolence that he allows him to remove his anxieties and thus to receive his care in conditions of greater comfort. This anesthesia is performed by an anesthetist doctor. Interventions under vigilant sedation take place on an outpatient basis, that is to say that you leave our establishment a few hours after the end of your intervention.

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The team is certified for the use of MEOPA. This process allows a conscious sedation without risk for you and in a completely reversible way. After MEOPA, you can continue your activities without restriction. This can avoid taking tranquilizing drugs whose duration of action is not controllable.

The principle is to make you breathe a mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide. In a few minutes, your stress disappears and you feel good. MEOPA is used regularly in hospitals, especially in pediatric services.

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