2D Panoramic Radio

Dental panning is the cornerstone of imaging in dental surgery. It allows an overall visibility of the teeth and jaws. Radiography is therefore essential, but sometimes insufficient, in particular, in implantology, hence the use of the 3D technique. The long-cone status allows from a multitude of X-rays in the mouth to closely follow the evolution of the teeth and adjacent bone structures. It is the reference document for all the problems of periodontology.

3D Panoramic Radio

The placement of dental implants requires a perfect knowledge and above all a very faithful exploration of the patient's anatomy. For this, 2D imaging (panoramic and X-ray in the mouth) is insufficient. 3D imaging (cone-beam tomography) is an equivalent of the medical scanner. The device settings are optimized for dental imaging. Irradiation is weaker than a conventional scanner. This state-of-the-art device is available in our structure and enables your precise anatomical exploration live during your consultation. "