Vigil Sedation

This is the little revolution in our clinic. Generally, in this type of procedure, we use only a local anaesthetic, which consists of injecting an anaesthetic into the gum. Today, in addition to the usual local anaesthesia, we offer vigilant sedation.

What is conscious sedation?

Vigilant sedation is the administration of one or more drugs in spun doses intravenously to reduce anxiety and give the impression that the procedure is being performed in a short period of time. It allows to support interventions of several hours without the use of general anesthesia. Traditional local anaesthesia, although necessary, becomes more comfortable for the patient as the apprehension and pain of the bite disappears. This technique allows you to have a powerful anaesthesia, but while looking at a verbal contact with the practitioner, throughout the procedure if necessary, unlike general anaesthesia. The main advantage is also to work with a controllable process, unlike, for example, tranquillizing drugs whose duration of action is not controllable. Sedation is a method of choice to break the vicious circle of fear of dental treatment.

How is conscious anesthesia performed ?

Conducted by a professional, anesthetist, intravenous sedation does not present a health risk. This practitioner will determine, during a preoperative assessment examination, whether the patient has contraindications that justify the choice of another sedation method. You have to be fasting for the procedure. The anesthesiologist will tell you how many hours you should abstain from eating and/or drinking before the procedure, depending on the sedative that will be used (usually 4 to 6 hours). Interventions under watchful sedation are carried out on an outpatient basis. After a period of recovery of your street ability, a person will have to take you home after your appointment, as you will not be able to drive a vehicle for 24 hours.